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Green Efforts

Xob products are made almost entirely from post consumer recyclables.

Packaging consists of:

* Xob hangtags are 100% recycled post consumer waste printed with soy ink.

* Dohm Hangtags are 50% recycled post consumer waste printed with veggie based ink.

* Catalogs are printed on mixed sources and certified by FSC.

* Micro-weave labels contain 35% of recycled milk jugs.

*Boxes are purchased locally and conform to the Sustainable Forest Initiative for Certified Fiber Sourcing.

*Eco-TapeTM is used for all our box sealing needs, made with 25% recycled resin and a 100% recycled core

Other sustainable efforts:

* Xob monkey stuffed with holo-filled made from recycled plastic bottles

*Upcycled buttons on the Xob Peace Pouch

*Trade Show booth constructed of 95% repurposed material

*100% of our office usage and 25% of factory electric comes from (wind power 96%, landfill gas 4%

As we continue to grow, we learn more and more ways to use end pieces of our products to develop new products.
Material diverted from the wastestream to date:

102,625 pounds